Increase Cost Savings Utilizing Reprocessed Material

We create sustainable recycling programs for less than the cost of virgin material
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The Most Capable Plastic Recycler

We have the greatest range of plastic reprocessing capabilities

Purest Quality

Our certified lab and quality inspection process ensures high purity levels every time

Easiest Process

We make recycling your plastic scrap easier because we can handle logistics, engineering, separating, & reporting

Most Knowledgable

Our team of engineers will custom create a process to get the most out of your scrap

Plastic Separation Services

High quality separation means high quality final products. We lead the industry with the ability to separate even the most difficult plastics.


Optical Sorting



Paint Removal


Two Ways To Grow Your Bottom Line

Close-Loop Your Scrap

Trust the Numbers

Amazing quality at a fraction of the cost


Purity Levels

National Locations

Accreditations and Awards

Our Services

Size Reduction

Shred or grind your material. Can include removing fines and metals.


Using a variety of processes we are able to separate difficult co-mingled products.

Paint Removal

Our patented paint removal process removes paint from TPO, PP, ABS and PC/ABS parts or grind


We can pelletize your material, taking it to a greater value using our twin screw or single screw extruders

Close Loop Your Scrap

Boost your efficiency and lead your industry in waste reduction,
all for less than the cost of virgin material.